29 November 2007

This Week in Silat and School Mumblings....

Last week I was doing so good in Silat, at least as far as getting training time in. I had averaged about 3 days a week for several weeks consecutively. Then this week comes, with some crazy school demands and some spiffy little other surprises (like my Uncle being admitted to the Hospital with Chest pains tonight and car trouble for me etc.). That doesn't even mentioned the stuff my training partner has been going through.

Finally turned in that Damned Paper. I don't think I've ever in my life had that much trouble actually writing a paper once I get started. Freaking pain is what that was. Oh well, it's all down hill from here. We don't really have a final to speak of for this class so all I have to do is keep showing up and get my A. That will be the first grade I have received on anything academic since I was 17.

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