29 December 2007

Christmas is Over....

....and we're on the downhill slide for the rest of the holidays! The last big hurdle is New Years (which I've ended up planning like usual).

Silat training should be starting up again soon, right now I'm contenting myself with the challenge posted on the Desa.

That's all for now, I've got to go help my Uncle shampoo his carpet and get ready for a lil' party tonight.

23 December 2007

Getting A Little Behind

Well Christmas is coming and it seems like the closer we get the more hectic things become. With all the parties, get togethers and people who "just wanna hang a bit" before Christmas everything just seems to be getting stretched very thin. I am enjoying getting to see folks that I haven't gotten a chance to see in a while though.

All these commitments have put me a little behind on training though. Hopefully that will be changing today. This is the first time that I've gotten a chance to come up for air in two days.

11 December 2007

Hey! I cooked!

Well, it's nice to get to cook a whole meal again. Usually when I cook it's just for me but tonight we had some company in from out of town so I took the oppurtunity to show off. Cooked the whole meal by my self (except desert, somehow we wound up at The Cheese Cake Factory for that....not that I'm complaining mind you).

I did broiled steak (with doctored up Montreal for a rub), marinated potato and carrot wedges (reduced the marinade to make a decent lil' sauce) and mushrooms sauteed in butter with soy and cajun seasoning. All in all it wasn't bad and I helped 3 porky folks (myself included) get a little porkier.

Most guys think cooking is somehow unmanly or not a good skill to have. I call bull on that one, being able to cook has gotten me dates and helped me salvage quite a few evenings that would have been ruined by crappy food.

01 December 2007

The Tueller Drill (Kinda)

The Tueller Drill is when 2 men line face each other from about 21 feet away. One man is armed with a knife and the other a gun (in holster or whatever carry method he usually utilizes). At the signal the man with the knife rushes the man armed with the gun and attempts to stab him with getting shot. The man with the gun attempts to draw and fire without getting stabbed. This rarely goes well for the man with the gun unless he utilizes explosive movement. I've been trying to find the video of it and until now have been unsuccessful. Finally found a version of it in this Pekiti Tirsia video although they don't appear to be spaced out the full 21 feet.