20 August 2009

A bit of a Morbid Post

Everyone Dies.

It seems that most people spend a great deal of time trying to escape what is, essentially, an inescapable fact. You will eventually snuff it. A time will come, and it will be soon when stacked against the scale of this world, where the shell which you have been inhabiting will fail catastrophically....on that day You Will Die. This phenomenon will be far from unique to you, almost every member of the human race has gone through this before you. Barring some monumental medical breakthroughs every member of the human race after you will also die.

People die every day:

They die in cradles and on deathbeds.

They die during exercise and in corpulent states on couches.

They die charging for freedom and cowering in basements.

They die having realized their dreams and having done nothing with their lives.

People Die.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people will go to preserve something (life) that they will ultimately lose. When you are born you are afforded very few guarantees but one of those is most certainly death.

It took me almost twenty-two years to figure this out. Once I reached this realization it's pretty freeing actually.