19 February 2008

An interesting Blog

Women in MMA, a subject that fascinates me:

16 February 2008

Old at 20?

The last four days have been a wee bit difficult. I was doing so good with the workout schedule.

And then all my old man aches and pains started to bubble up. Every one has a story behind it. Maybe they've all gotten together to remind me of the past a little for the last few days.

A rib that pops into and out of cartilage on the front of my rib cage that contributes to painful pops between my right shoulder blade and spine. A legacy of not guarding my chest when sparing Nelson. I was so sure he would never throw a punch since all he had done on two seperate occasions and during multiple rounds each time was spazzy kick combos. What a surprise when the haymaker flies in from the rear field. Getting slammed in the chest. The rib still pops in and out when I lift something heavy or move wrong. I learned to guard that area and haven't been caught off guard in my upper chest since that day. Apparently that guarding is what contributes to that spot to the left of my right shoulder blade popping.

The lower left side of my back that has an almost constant dull pain which flares to a point where I can barely move sometimes. Picked it up during 30 days at Ft. Benning's reception (30th AG). 30 Days of cooling my heels and learning the ins and outs of a different world. The funny thing about it is that I can do an entire night of wrestling and not feel a thing, but then I can pickup a piece of paper wrong or stand up just right and not be able to move much for 6 hours a so. So far the ultimate medicine for this one has been Glen Livet.

A Shoulder that dislocates itself so many times a day that it's no big deal anymore, or it might be absolutely fine for two weeks. Dunno where this one comes from. Dunno what triggers it. Quite funny when you think about it and something that I've occasionally used it to freak people out when grappling. They stop when they feel the *squish/pop* of the cap popping out of the socket, I don't.

A bunch of other little ones that I've had so long that I have to consciously think about them to notice them anymore: pinkies that look a little "crooked" because they've been broken so many times they tend to lock up during inopurtune times, knees caps that float around...dunno where those are from but they may be a family trait, others that I can't remember even when I think about them. Just too used to ignoring the littlest stuff I guess.

All these things have conspired to make me act and feel a lil' like a slug over the last few days. I can feel some of them ebbing a little now. Time to hit it hard again in the morning and stop being a whiner.