21 September 2008

Rolling Around

Rolling Around
Hey Guys (all 5 of you who read this blog),
I've got a few articles rolling around the old brain but every time I sit down to write them they always roll right back to wherever they came from. It's frustrating. Really. The Duty Fulfilled stuff is still in the ol' noggin vault but moving ahead with it is like pulling teeth. I've also been thinking of writing some fiction but haven't had the time to sit down and map out the stories. Which is really frustrated because I have 3 (I think, might be more) seperate stories and snatches of dialogue and description keep floating into my brain at random times like:
"Doc settled into his chair with a glass of something that smelled like seedy bar bathrooms and hangovers."
"He had read in some old science fiction book that happiness consisted of getting enough sleep, nothing more or less. Tam hadn't realized how true that little snippet had been until he joined and got sent out to the front. It was a test among the old timers to see whether someone had been out or not the question would be posed: "Is a ten minute nap worth taking?". REMF's would always spew out some bravado about how they could "sleep when they were dead", anybody who had been out for more than a week would offer a vital piece of anatomy for 10 comatose minutes. "
and my favorite:
"As Chogala fell to the ground with a cracked windpipe he remembered his tour of the neighborhood from the Heads. Chogala remembered walking around and being introduced to the residents of the sector and told who was golden and who would cause trouble, who to make an example out of and who would be late with their payments. Being given charge of his own turf had put his head in the clouds though instead of listening to the one piece of advice that would have saved his life 30 secs ago: Leave the old men in C Building alone."
These little things just seem to walk right into my consciousness at the most inopportune times, like when I'm giving a massage or I'm in the middle of a phone call at work. Never when I can write 'em down (and the images that they evoke).
Which reminds me, I've got about the attention span of a ferret on pixie sticks these days between school and work. 25 Hours a week working at my school on the federal work study program, 16 Hours of schooling and in between there enough down time to do laundry and partake of the sacraments of the Cult of the Open Bottle. Oh, and I moved in with Dear Old Dad. Big Change in lifestyle from living where I was. It's only for about another 14 months. Give or take, but who's counting?
I do enjoy the work study job though, the pay is fairly low but the work is not onerous at all and I'm inside an air conditioned building. Let me re-iterate that once more, it's SUMMER in FLORIDA and I am in the air conditioning! Previous summers of mine have been spent building cabinets or frolicking about in ACU's in the Georgia heat. It's under circumstances like those that you come to understand that whoever invented the blessed Central Air Unit was one of the more important people to walk the face of the earth, right up there with the guy who invented the Flush Toilet. And I think (since I'm working on Saturday's and it's intermiably slow) I'll be able to get a bit more writing done on this fancy work computer.