20 February 2009

Keluarga Aftermath

My full writeup on Keluarga South will be coming tomorrow. This week has been a little packed with a new module starting at my school. I still can't believe that some sick fiend would put me in Pathology AND Oriental Modalities during the same module. These are two of the hardest classes in the entire program. I still think I can pull an A out of both of them though.

07 February 2009


What a wonderful start to doing something that they said they wouldn't do while campaigning:

06 February 2009

Keluarga, WooHoo!

So this year I'll be going to Keluarga for the first time in.....a while....

Keluarga is an annual gathering of practitioners of the silat style Pencak Silat Pertempuran where we celebrate training, family, and the oppurtunity to beat the crap out of each other. To be honest I can't wait. The event will be held next weekend (instead of wasting my time on some sort of valentine's day pursuits), hopefully I'll be able to get some bloggings done while I'm there.