03 September 2007

Well that went well!

Ever since I started Silat there have been two great blocks to my training, the main one being lack of training partners. Over the years I've done quite a bit to try and find someone who was interested in training on a regular basis (going into other schools, working out in parks, and generally asking folks I knew if they were remotely interested). The other block was my being a little lazy and letting life get in the way....but we won't dwell on that since tonight is a happy night :)

Anyway, several people I know had expressed an interest in training so tonight we finally went out into a park worked through Ales 1-4 and (Guru am I getting the Grammar right on this?) Pukulan-Pukulan Sterlak, Pamur, Belakang and Tukul. Everyone seemed quite enthusiastic and we're getting together again tomorrow.

We'll see how this all ends up going, but I'm optimistic (like always).