29 November 2007

This Week in Silat and School Mumblings....

Last week I was doing so good in Silat, at least as far as getting training time in. I had averaged about 3 days a week for several weeks consecutively. Then this week comes, with some crazy school demands and some spiffy little other surprises (like my Uncle being admitted to the Hospital with Chest pains tonight and car trouble for me etc.). That doesn't even mentioned the stuff my training partner has been going through.

Finally turned in that Damned Paper. I don't think I've ever in my life had that much trouble actually writing a paper once I get started. Freaking pain is what that was. Oh well, it's all down hill from here. We don't really have a final to speak of for this class so all I have to do is keep showing up and get my A. That will be the first grade I have received on anything academic since I was 17.

25 November 2007

A Little Break, and Post-Thanksgiving

Well I am up at this insanely late hour writing a college paper about self-defense...

Which I thought would be insanely easy...

But is turning out to be quite difficult. I think I'm too close to the subject and losing my edge a little. Some things I take so much for granted that my reasons for believing them become a little murky and I can't as quickly call to mine the facts that I base my belief on. I think one of the stops down that road is fanaticism so I decided to write the paper to revisit one of my beliefs and make sure everything is still properly gelled and hopefully avoid getting that far. Maybe taking this little blogging break will help a bit.

This last Thanksgiving was the first time in years (probably 10 of them) when it was JUST our family. Traditionally we invite freaking everyone, and I do mean everyone. Last year we had 28 people and only about 15 of those were family. It's nice to have a break once in a while but hey, next year we're already planning on outsiders to invite, and that's as it should be.

21 November 2007


...And other ramblings.

The Job hunt continues. I really don't wanna go back to "paper or plastic?" or go to "would you like fries with that?" but it may end up happing soon. Definitely not getting into sales again.

College goes well though. I have an A so far in my one lonely class but it's good for now. I'm going to try to take some more stuff next semester. Which reminds me, I've got a paper due that I should start on after this. Think I'm going to try to persuade people to learn how to defend themselves. In previous papers I've compared and contrasted female personalities by hair color and descriptively written about parties I've been at. I'm very glad my professor has a sense of humor or my current grade would be far below the passing level.

PSP proceeds well, I'm averaging about three 1-2 hour nights per week. Mostly doing the lower level stuff with my buddy Morgan. I think he's ready to move to level two as soon as he goes down to St. Cloud to see Guru Stark. With the Holidays and money situation though, timing has been difficult. I'm glad I'm having to not only work the lower level stuff but teach it, as a result I'm knocking the considerable rust from my skills. They needed it badly.

Turkey Day, my favorite holiday! I can't wait! In my family Turkey Day is approached with the level of preparation that went into Iwo Jima or D-Day. We've scaled back this year and are only doing one ham and one turkey. Oh well, Christmas is just around the corner.

09 November 2007

Another few jobs, one day I'll find.....

....a decent one to stay with.

Quit the job with DCSI and then got a job selling Verizon FIOS, didn't make any sales at either one so I'm outta sales for a little while. I'm putting in an application at the Hard Rock today for Guest Relations/Security. We'll see how that goes. I'm also putting in some apps for some of the places that are hiring on extra Holiday staff.