25 November 2007

A Little Break, and Post-Thanksgiving

Well I am up at this insanely late hour writing a college paper about self-defense...

Which I thought would be insanely easy...

But is turning out to be quite difficult. I think I'm too close to the subject and losing my edge a little. Some things I take so much for granted that my reasons for believing them become a little murky and I can't as quickly call to mine the facts that I base my belief on. I think one of the stops down that road is fanaticism so I decided to write the paper to revisit one of my beliefs and make sure everything is still properly gelled and hopefully avoid getting that far. Maybe taking this little blogging break will help a bit.

This last Thanksgiving was the first time in years (probably 10 of them) when it was JUST our family. Traditionally we invite freaking everyone, and I do mean everyone. Last year we had 28 people and only about 15 of those were family. It's nice to have a break once in a while but hey, next year we're already planning on outsiders to invite, and that's as it should be.

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