13 July 2008

Low and Slow

Unlike most guys around my age and generation I enjoy cooking.


It's kind of funny actually. I think a love of cooking runs in the men on my Mom's side. Most of them just flat out enjoy spending time in the kitchen. It's been passed on to me some how and I'm definitely glad for it everytime I stumble around in the kitchen.

Today I'm screwing around in the kitchen with Ribeye. We bought a wholesale rib from Sam's and for the first time I enjoyed carving out my own steaks. I stopped cooking with recipes several years ago so most of what I make falls under the category of day dreams that sound like they might taste decent. Unfortunately when I make the food the red heads from the day dreams don't just miraculously appear. Have to work on that. Anyway, we picked up some rub from a local barbeque joint. The company that makes the rub is called Dizzy Pig and the specific rub I am using is called "Shakin' the Tree". Think of lemon pepper with a sweet twist. It's pretty good stuff. So I took the Dizzy Pig stuff and mixed it with this stuff called "Meat Seasoning" that the Ice Queen brought back from Jamaica.

I ended up setting the ribeye on a broiling tray and pouring a little wine over the whole mess. I've sprinkled a bit more of the Dizzy Pig and poured a little wine over it a couple of times. Slow roasted at 250F for about three hours it should come out pretty well, no?

It's times linke this that I wish I had a camera.


Brigid said...

A camera? That sounds worthy of a movie!

I had a huge lunch out with a friend and it still made me drool.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the comment Brigid. I dunno about a movie...what would I call it?

Aaron and the Rib Roast of Doom? :)

As for the drooling thing it's only fair. When I discovered your blog I was hungry and after I got done reading the first few posts I was famished. Not fair at all!