16 April 2008

Duty Fulfilled Pre-Intro

I've started researching the concept of Duty as it pertains to the Christian Male lately. Specifically I'm researching the Duty of the Christian Male to defend himself and his family. Originally I had planned to write a monster article which would put paid to a lot of the things that really bug me about mainstream Christianity in this area. When I started outlining the article I realized it would be a better series than one monster read that chow down on hours of time all at once. The first Volume (or whatever ya wanna call it) is going to be on the Copouts of Modern Society. I expect these articles to go through several Refinements (re: me going through them with a blow torch and an axe) and edits. Sorry for all the rust on my writing skills guys. Hopefully my style will get better as it goes along.

I haven't really been writing much lately (with the exception of the post that precedes this one) so we'll see how keeping to a schedule and banging out a series goes.

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