29 January 2008

Still Swimming....

....and the water's getting a little warmer.

The amount of stress my family has been under this last week or so has been astronomical, as with any close family, some has leaked out onto me. Everything has seemed to pile on top of each previous event to create something that could almost be called a "perfect storm".

My Cousin's trial has taken an unexpected turn (for the second time in as many weeks) leading to more wasted time and trips over to the other side of the state. He's definitely worth it though. The strides in personal development and familial development he's made during his incarceration have been astronomical. We are all so proud of him and continue to pray for the outcome of his trial.

Last Thursday (24 January 2008) we were dropping my little brother's dog off at the home of the his "surrogate grandparent's" when he dashed out of the car door the minute it opened. Those readers who have had a puppy (or ankle biter of any sort) know how fast young things can streak away. Anyway, Skittles (the little pup's name) had seen a cat sitting right by the nearby road and like any puppy he dashed right out to chase it. The cat bounded off and made it across the road....the dog did not. Skittles was dead from a broken neck on impact. Fortunately he did not suffer, unfortunately that fact was the last mercy of the night. I was left with the job of helping comfort a heart broken 11-year old. Fortunately my little brother's "Surrogate Grand-dad" volunteered to buy him a new puppy when he was ready. So now, as of Sunday, our family are the proud owners of a new Mini-Daushund named Chloe. Who's chewing on damned everything!

The two examples above are just a few of many things that have come up in just the last week. I'm telling ya this stuff has just been nuts!

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