15 June 2007

And Again.....we Post!

Well this last year has had some interesting turns and twists:

I'm still in the National Guard although it looks like I'll be doing the 24 Month contract time out since we can't seem to get my back straightened out.

I won't be attending Keluarga this year unless something drastic changes. Just don't have the finances for it this time.

It's looking like I'll finally be making the long trek to college.....who'dve thought that I would end up being one of those college kid types I useta make fun of?

And I'm finally having stuff settle down enough that I can start training again in the Martial Arts (specifically PSP, I've got some serious rust to knock off my skills).

My Back still hurts all day, every day but I'm learning to manage the pain a little better. It's been a while since it put me down flat like it used to. Thank God for the Small Miracles.

All in all life is looking up and I can't wait to see whats around the corner.

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