11 November 2005

Hey Everyone,

Wow, First Post on a new blog! I had a whole post that I had all typed up nice and purty but getting used to this cantankerous new software caused me to lose it. Anyway I just wanted to start out with a couple of the reasons that I created this blog:

>Sometimes people ask me how life's going.....at which point my eyes either glaze over or I
deliver some pat answer like "Good, and you?". This blog will serve as an extra brain for me
and also help me chronicle my experiences.

>Because of the amount that I travel I tend to have friends (reasonably good friends even)
in places like Kansas City, Argentina, Belize, Mexico, Georgia and God only Knows where else.
Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with my far flung friends a little better this way.

>Lastly, I set this Blog up for debate and to help me in my Search for truth. That's where the
name comes from (No it doesn't refer to getting hammered and messing with sharp objects!).
As I associate more and more with my Christian brothers I seem to have debates on those two
subjects more than anything else. This will be a place where I can organize my thoughts and
make (hopefully) intelligent points for general view and comments.

Well that seems like enough for a first post so I think I'll sign off for a bit. I'll be posting some photos soon so please check back.

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